Preparados Maricielo


Shelf life of 9 months from manufacture.

Adapted to manual and mechanized kneading.

Contributes to oil preservation due to low frying temperature.

Possibility to produce churro fino (twisted churro) and churro porra (thick churro) both manually and with any type of machinery.

Churro fino (twisted churro), crunchy, soft to the taste and quality appearance.

Churro porra (thick churro) tender on the inside, with very thin crust and mild flavor that does not absorb oil during frying.


Flour-based preparation that guarantees a great stability not commercialized until now, both during storage and distribution, as well as in the elaboration of churros in its different types.

Thanks to the high quality of its ingredients, the innovation in preservation and commercialization, the simplicity of processing and the great result of the product obtained.

How to

Twisted churro

Thick churro

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